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Testimonials for DannyPettry: Rec Therapy CEUs

Danny Pettry has been providing online/ self-study CEUs for recreation therapists since 2007.

Danny Pettry is the # 1 self-study CEU program for Recreation Therapists.

Recreational therapists from nearly every state in the U.S. have taken courses, including people from the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

International: People from Australia, New Zealand, England, and Canada have taken courses. One Recreational Therapist from the U.S. lived in Germany with her husband who was stationed there in the military. She completed self-study courses through this program to maintain her continuing education requirements at a distance.


Read some of the testimonials about Danny Pettry and Rec Therapy CEUs

Patty Aubery






rec therapy ceus
rec therapy ceus testimonial


Danny Pettry's webinars

















































It is effective for any type of schedule. You can do them at any time of the day and only when you are ready. You don’t have to worry about trying to take time off of work or finding someone to watch your kids because you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

–         Kayla R.

He most definitely cares about the profession!

–         Stacy P.

Interesting and Useful way to learn at home while meeting professional CEU requirements for CTRS and CPRP certifications.

–         Arnie I.

The service is easy to use, convenient and is a quality product.

–         Heather M.

Ease of navigation!

–         Amanda L.

They are very helpful and friendly user.

–         Kathleen


–         Brittney



I haven’t used it yet. Again, I like being on the email list to learn about upcoming educational opportunities. Companies are tightening the budgets thus not allowing conferences that you must travel to so a webinar is great!

–         Anne P.

He really seems to care about promoting TR

–         Rebecca S.

He is very caretaking and a good advocate. He truly has a good heart for recreation therapy and the therapists in making sure he can provide CEUs in a convenient way.

–         Heather S.

I was able to complete my CEU’s conveniently at home and in my own time.

–         Trish E.

I have learned from the Webinars I have attended

–         Sue D.

It has not only provided educational opportunities but has bonded some of the Therapist in our

office and we do the online trainings together

–         Morgan T.

The availability and ease of acquiring CEUs through is great.

–         Anessa S. is the only online continuing education program that offers a wide variety of topics that appeal to the interests of many different professionals.  In addition, this resource provides incentives for those of us who take several courses and are regular customers by offering great deals and by adding new courses on a regular basis.

–         Kimberly S.

The information I obtained through a course on the site has enabled me to host an in-service with my staff on how to advocate for rec therapy. Informational & very much appreciated!

–         Kellie C.

Easy to get CEUs when a budget doesn’t allow for big conferences.

–         Bethany A.

Great topics of CEUs at a great price!

Very informative.

–         Amy G. is an invaluable resource for education, communication, promotion, and advocacy in the field of Recreation Therapy.

–         Evelyn M.

It’s easily accessible

–         Julie S.

Danny always responds to emails immediately and is willing to help his clients in any way he can.

–         Shelly B


This site is phenomenal, easy to maneuver and it helps

–         Kiara W.

Danny’s CEUS are affordable, informative, and convenient! They’re individualized to many disciplines as well as overall “TR STUFF” we should never forget as working professionals

–         Avery M.

I enjoy being able to obtain my CEU’s on my time with my budget.  Even from home in my sweats!

–         Karla B.

He ensures that you get the most out of his courses by giving you unlimited retakes of the final quiz. He bends over backwards to make sure his customers understand the material and pass no matter what.

–         Stacy S.

I was able to receive all my CEUS information in a convenient email.  I have a year to complete and numerous attempts at taking the quizzes. This was great and took pressure off of cramming and give me time to actually read and absorb the material

–         Janshayla S.

He truly does care about what you need and wants to help.

–         Kathryn W.

It appears convenient, easy to use, good reputation and many topics to pick from.

–         Lisa P.

Offers free CEU opportunities

–         Kara P.

It has helped as a rec therapist student.

–         Nicole

I thoroughly enjoyed the last CEU opportunity you so graciously offered about Advocating for the field of Therapeutic Recreation. Gave me great ideas to proceed with my advocating.

–         Heather S.

Convenient and interesting

–         Amy S.

The website is user friendly and responsive to questions

–         Missi W.

great course for affordable cost, great information

–         Allison B.

Danny Pettry is very helpful and knowledgeable resource that is always trustworthy and puts the customer first.

–         Brittany K.

Great website that is always exciting to explore

–         Rachel K.

A very helpful website for those who need CEUs

–         Courtney D.

It is avery convenient way to complete CEU’s, and pretty awesome how everyone recommends you!

–         Christine G.

It’s great! It is very convenient when you work full time

–         Jamie L.


I recently received my certification and have not purchased a webinar or class as of yet but I appreciate what Mr. Pettry is doing for his fellow Recreation Therapists.

–         Veronica A.

He is fast and efficient regarding any issue revolving around his services.

–         Sally J.


–         Rebecca L.

Great response time with emails,

–         Monica

He’s always willing to help and provides a wealth of knowledge to all,

–         Karlee P.

Ease, informative

–         Liz H.



By the way…thanks for offering this option for CEUs. I have an overabundance of CEUs for my NCTRC, but in NH you can only have a limited number each yr. in seminars, etc. for licensure, so this helped me fulfill the other category. The books were very good too!
Gisela, New Hampshire



The courses are great! You can do them on your own time and there’s no travel.
They are perfect for the busy professional.
Sadie Wermers, Rec Therapist, Minnesota




Educational and user friendly. Great service.
Melissa Princivalli, Rec Therapist, South Carolina



These courses are truly convenient and are helpful in the process of obtaining CEUs. It’s nice to have options in topics and enough time to finish the course.
I’m an advocate of these home study courses!
Dorothy De Los Reyes, Rec Therapist, New Jersey




I am so excited to have found Danny’s website. It has helped me get the CEU hours I needed at an affordable price. The course was easy to follow and Danny provided excellent instruction. Not to mention, I just had a baby and it allowed me to work on my son’s schedule.
Adrienne Manhart, Rec Therapist, Texas




I will make this quick statement about my experience with these home study courses. When I found out about DannyPettry.Com’s website I got really excited that recreational therapists have a site they can easily access to get continuing education credits. The home study course I took was easy, fast, and very informative. I personally think that in our very, very, busy schedules we need opportunities just like what Danny offers. Thank you for doing this, and I will definitely add this site to my favorites and recommend it to my colleagues!
Gisel Prado, Rec Therapist, Florida




This is fabulous for busy professionals who need CEUs.
Nicole Grego, Rec Therapist, Pennsylvania




You [Danny Pettry] make the CEU process much less of a headache!
I will definitely promote your program to my friends.
Jean Santo, Rec Therapist, California




just read and took the test..Great info! Thanks for doing this!!!
Loved that I can do this at my leisure and in my own home! Thanks Danny.

Lisa Contreni, Rec Therapist, New York




I think this is a wonderful way for those isolated in “Recreation Therapy” to keep informed and up to date in the field. Thank you.
Margaret M. Arlt, Rec Therapist, Delaware




Hi Danny- I have taken a few of your classes and love it.
They are convenient and excellent sources of knowledge for a working Mom.
Jodi Danback, Rec Therapist, South Carolina




Courses are affordable with easy access!
Jill Pelaez, Rec Therapit, Maryland




I can read the course material on my own time. It fits into my schedule and is a cost efficient way to gain knowledge & CEUs
Bethany Ussery, Rec Therapist, Missouri




It is easy to follow and interesting to learn.
Deana Treadway, Rec Therapist, Knoxville, Tennessee




The course was quick and had a good format. It is great and needs no improvement.
Melissa Lewis, Rec Therapist, North Carolina

I liked the reading material given and the way the questions were asked
Allen Kimberlin, Rec Therapist, State of Washington


Here are comments from people who didn’t share their name:


  • It’s easy to easy and very educational


  • CEUs are easy, educational and fun


  • The CEUs have been helpful and beneficial towards my practice of RT


  • I’m glad I have been given the chance to continue to learn with the ease of being at home


  • Easy to use from the comfort of my home


  • Very convenient and affordable with topics that are current.


  • Danny Pettry’s online Rec Therapy CEU courses are NCTRC pre-approved & affordable. I can access and complete them anytime, anywhere. Very convenient. I can re-take the quiz as many times as I like and no deadline necessary. Couldn’t ask for a better deal.


  • I love that they offer free CEUs! The cheaper the better!


  • I’m so thankful for this website. I has helped in so many ways and I enjoy learning what Mr. Pettry provides.


  • It’s given me a way to connect with other RTs for encouragement and other needs


  • The site is very user friendly, even on mobile (I give an A+)


  • A very convenient way to obtain CEU’s from the comfort of your own home!


  • The programs are interesting, research based material that I can learn at my own pace.


  • I was able to complete much needed CEU’s in a timely manner.


  • Very informative


  • It’s affordable, easy, accessible and Danny is very helpful, He answers any question you may have


  • The guy knows how to market himself


  • Very user friendly and cost effective!


  • Good deals on bundles


  • Very willing to help and ensure CEUs are available for people. I always feel that Danny is available if anyone has a question or a need and he is willing to provide a quick response and help out as much as he can


  • I like the CEU options that I can choose from to assist me in gaining knowledge in areas I feel I need information in, rather than repeating things I already know about.


  • Easy and accessible.


  • Lots of options, up-to-date


  • He holds his promises


  • Easy to use


  • Organized


  • He can be very personal with costumer service which doesn’t seem to be around anymore other places


  • I’ve listened in to all of his free webinars and have already accumulated 6 CEUs. They can even be watched on your phone, and they are applicable to our field. I’ve learned great tips for interventions I can do with my patients.


How has Rec Therapy CEUs provided you with Happiness?

We asked our customers: what has Danny done to provide you with happiness?

Here are the answers:


Absolutely. A life saver with my CEUs!

Allowed me the flexibility of balancing work and education development. This allows me to continue developing programs for my patients due to the fresh take or refreshers provided in the self study ceus.


Although I haven’t done a webinar yet, I am happy with the information that I receive for upcoming opportunities.


Always continue to learn


An array of opportunities for continued education


Been very helpful


Being an advocate for CTRSs


Being there in a pinch to obtain reasonably priced CEUs with topics that are relevant to my profession.


By being convenient and accessible.


By continuing to offer new CEUs and opportunities to continue my certification and to learn new material.


By helping me with my CEU and keeping me updated.


By lifting the weight of so many ceus off my shoulders. That makes me incredibly happy not worrying about it.


By offering CEU’s we can actually use and put towards my current work


By offering low cost CEUs


By offering NCTRC pre-approved and affordable (sometimes free) online CEU courses that can be accessed & completed at anytime, anywhere.

No travel and deadline necessary.


Cause at a decent price


Ceus and ideas


Completing CEUs in my own time


Covering interesting topics during free webinars. has provided me with happiness by furthering my education through the courses he has provided on his site. I find joy in

earning the CEUs I need to continue my career as a dedicated Rec. Therapist.


Danny’s positive, outgoing, encouraging personality and dedication to recreational therapy


Decreased my stress when I need to get CE’s


Easy access to ceus and learning new information as a new rec therapist in the field.


Easy and affordable CEUS


Easy for me to get my CEUs. Provides topics I find enjoyable and interesting. Affordable and super friendly and helpful when I have a question.


Free ceus


Free ceus


Free items in the mail


Free webinars and free courses at times! And promotions for cheap CEU bundles.


Gave me the tools needed


Gives me options to improve myself and my practice


great CEU programs


Great resource, learn of information, keeps you in the loop on TR


Happy to have a colleague who successfully promotes the TR Profession and the skills of my colleagues and I.


have not used the services


Haven’t utilized the service yet


He and his website has helped me with resources to grow and improve me as a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist


He is always positive!


Helped me with maintaining my CEUs in a timely and affordable manner.


Helping me to get CEUs


Hmmm… not really sure. but I like knowing there is a spot where I can get rec therapy info and ceus


I can count on to provide for my CEU needs!


I have been able to complete CEU’s at my own pace and on my own time. I have also utilized some of the coloring sheets for clients to assist in



I have been able to earn CEUs on my own time at a reasonable price as opposed to spending extra on travel, hotel, and conference fees. Also, I

enjoy the contests and the freebies he sends!


I have received several surprised in the mail; those always brighten my day.


I like knowing that if I need more CEU’s that this is an option I can use and feel confident using.


I love how easily I can get my CEU’s! Having 2 small children makes it difficult for me to attend out of town conferences.


I love the courses that I have taken and I have learned a great deal from them.


I love the education opportunities, shared information, promotion of RT, and his engagement with providers everywhere. Danny does a great job advocating for the profession as a whole.


I received a care package from my friend Danny when I submitted my email address to the subscription list.


I was able to complete workshops on my time. He is very informative and answers all emails at a timely matter


I’m starting to re- motivate


It has brought me peace of mind while enduring the stress of CEUs

It has made maintaining my certification much easier especially with having a young child at home.

It helps but having a lot of things available for me to use to help obtain my CEUs. As a rather new CTRS, I’m still learning. It just looks very



Just getting a lot of things with help


Just knowing that there is a person spreading the word about RT and sharing thoughts with other professionals is truly amazing!


Keeping things affordable, fun and sending gifts, cards and other things. Who doesn’t love getting fun mail?!?!


Knowing that his company donates to charities.


Love the information, sharing of books with powerful quotes, and ideas. Thank you


More opportunity for CEUs


Offered CEUs


Offering CEUs approved by NCTRC, at an affordable cost


Offering free CEUs.


Opportunities to earn ceus from home


Opportunity for ceus


Positive messages, quality products.


Provided me the opportunity to complete CEUs at my own speed and in topics that will help my clients.


Providing opportunities to gain CEUs


providing quick and easy CEU opportunities


Quick and timely responses to questions or issues regarding CEU opportunities that he provides.


shared knowledge that is valuable to my practice


Surprise goodies in the mail


The website is always informative and the gifts in the mail can make a bad day at work better.


To offer free ceu courses every now and then. It’s nice to receive a replying email back from Danny himself and he always replies pretty quickly. It was nice to receive a Christmas card from Danny, it shows how much appreciation he has for his customers.


When my email got forgotten I was provided a free course. I appreciate the customer service.




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