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Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset


This session content is CE Pre-Approved by NCTRC

0.5 CEUs (five clock hours of continuing education)

TR Knowledge Areas:
  • FKW # 2 human behavior/ principles of behavior change,
  • IMP # 40: intervention techniques, and
  • FKW# 4: principles of leadership
Course Objective:  Independent learner is to read Carol Dweck’s (2007), Mindset: the new psychology of success and pass the online quiz (based on the book) with a score of at least 70% or better within a one-year timeframe.

Course Curriculum

Smart Leadership Training Course Details 05:00:00
Psychology of Success Unlimited

Course Reviews


19 ratings
  • 5 stars17
  • 4 stars2
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. 5

    I really enjoyed this course. It was practical and applicable to every day life. I also learned new techniques and ways to help my veteran population deal with life’s ups and downs.

  2. Psychology of Success


    Great info! Will definitely utilize in the career field!

  3. Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset


    This course was an amazing one to experience. I learned so much about the difference between a fixed and growth mindset and how these still apply today. This course had me able to identify the characteristics of each mindset in people I am surrounded by but also how to understand their mindset and perspective. This course gave wonderful insight.

  4. Awesome Course


    I have nothing but great things to say about this course. Very interesting

  5. *****


    Very good course – learned a lot of valuable information

  6. psychology of sucess


    Dweck’s book was a great read! I love earning CEU’s with Danny’s online courses.

  7. Great course!


    Learned a lot! Definitely will try to use more of the growth mindset in my daily life!

  8. Psychology of Success


    Excellent presentation of research related to the power of the growth mindset. The case studies and real life examples of the growth mindset provided me with more ways to help others achieve their potential. The book will become a permanent addition to my library collection.

  9. Mindset


    Very interesting book. Really make you think about certain situations in my own life.
    Enjoyed it.

  10. 5

    Great information. Fun way to learn how to improve upon being a better person and RT to better provide for the population you work with.

  11. 5

    Great course, interesting book!

  12. Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset


    Growth vs Fixed mindset is something I utilize quite often in my field of work (I work in an acute behavioral health hospital) and its definitely something we see a lot of! I think the course touched on this well and started getting my wheels turning as to how I can actually teach this as a group for people struggling with addiction or their mental health!

  13. Psychology of Success


    Thank you! It was great !

  14. Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset


    Easy to follow. The course was user friently. However, I am unsure of how I obtain my certificate for completing the course.

  15. Excellent!!


    Very informative book and course. Thanks Danny.

  16. 5

    It was a great and education book! I learned a lot about myself. I recommend this book for all RTs!

  17. psychology of sucess: understand the growth mindset


    Interesting points and great examples on how multipliers empower people

  18. Psychology of Success: Understanding the Growth Mindset


    This course was interesting, engaging, relevant and convenient!
    I am an itinerant Recreation Therapist for a school district. I drive to and from multiple schools so this course was perfect for me. I was able to listen to an audio book while in the car. Thank you Danny, for offering a course that fit into my busy life.

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  • 1 year
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